• US West Coast,  Voyage

    Looking through a weather window

    After we celebrated, slept, and recovered from our first 2-night passage to Newport, the spirits got higher and we felt we are ready to go out and face the ocean again. But then we came to the startling realization of the main problem of our overall strategy.

  • US West Coast,  Voyage

    Ocean sailing

    After taking a few days to cover Straight of Juan de Fuca, we rounded the Cape Flattery and turned south. We entered the Pacific Ocean and started our ocean sailing.

  • Cutting the lines
    US West Coast,  Voyage

    Cutting the lines

    We cut the lines that tied us to the docks on Sunday, August 29th, and left the Port Townsend on our journey south. Ola did the cutting. It was a day we will for sure remember.