• Pacific Mexico,  Voyage

    The old San Blas

    Today we toured San Blas. It is one of the loveliest shore towns we have seen in Mexico. It has nicely paved streets, straight sidewalks, and renovated buildings. And it retained its past charm.

  • Pacific Mexico,  Voyage

    The crossroads of Banderas Bay

    We have spent about 2.5 months in Banderas Bay. This was our pay-back time – we had finally reached a place where we did not have to think about leaving soon, did not have to worry too much about the weather, and could just enjoy being there.

  • Baja California,  Voyage

    Escaping Cabo

    After almost 800 miles of rugged coast, it was exciting to reach the end of the Baja peninsula and overwhelming to be back in the fully civilized world. But after two days, the good feelings and energy boost we got from traveling down that far started evaporating. Cabo was quite annoying, and we could not wait to get out of there. We just needed the right weather.

  • Baja California,  Voyage

    Sailing down the Baja coast

    After spending a month in Ensenada, we have finally departed for the next segment of our journey. Ahead of us stretched a rugged coast of Baja. It is just the two of us this time. We knew this part would be different from anything we have experienced so far.

  • Baja California,  Voyage

    ¡Viva México!

    We have finally crossed the border and are in Mexico. This is our long-dreamed destination. Our introduction to the country, its culture, and customs start with Ensenada. We spend several weeks taking care of the paperwork and doing some boat projects before continuing further.

  • US West Coast,  Voyage

    Monterey, an extended stay

    We came to Monterey to stay for about a week and thoroughly explore and enjoy it. We ended up staying three weeks. Not by choice, but due to personal health issues. Despite being forced to explore Monterey's terrible health system, we still found an opportunity to sample a lot of sights and experiences in and around the town.

  • Cutting the lines
    US West Coast,  Voyage

    Cutting the lines

    We cut the lines that tied us to the docks on Sunday, August 29th, and left the Port Townsend on our journey south. Ola did the cutting. It was a day we will for sure remember.

  • Bagel Story
    Pragmatic Voyager,  Voyage

    Life in transition

    In two short months we transitioned from a family of three, living in a suburb house, going to work and school and living what is essentially described as "normal life", to the two of us living on a boat, with no house and no car, and both our kids half a continent away.