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    Monterey, an extended stay

    We came to Monterey to stay for about a week and thoroughly explore and enjoy it. We ended up staying three weeks. Not by choice, but due to personal health issues. Despite being forced to explore Monterey's terrible health system, we still found an opportunity to sample a lot of sights and experiences in and around the town.

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    Looking through a weather window

    After we celebrated, slept, and recovered from our first 2-night passage to Newport, the spirits got higher and we felt we are ready to go out and face the ocean again. But then we came to the startling realization of the main problem of our overall strategy.

  • US West Coast,  Voyage

    Ocean sailing

    After taking a few days to cover Straight of Juan de Fuca, we rounded the Cape Flattery and turned south. We entered the Pacific Ocean and started our ocean sailing.

  • Cutting the lines
    US West Coast,  Voyage

    Cutting the lines

    We cut the lines that tied us to the docks on Sunday, August 29th, and left the Port Townsend on our journey south. Ola did the cutting. It was a day we will for sure remember.

  • Bagel Story
    Pragmatic Voyager,  Voyage

    Life in transition

    In two short months we transitioned from a family of three, living in a suburb house, going to work and school and living what is essentially described as "normal life", to the two of us living on a boat, with no house and no car, and both our kids half a continent away.

  • QV Network Setup

    Qué vendrá ‘s Internet Setup

    Having a simple to use and reliable network connection onboard has been high on our list. The number of interconnected devices seems always to be growing and we wanted to make sure that the navigational and boat data can transit between them. We also wanted to have a simple way to provide internet access to all onboard computers, phones, and…

  • Projects

    Watermaker Installation

    Qué vendrá came with already installed Spectra 150 MPC watermaker. The watermaker is installed in the aft cabin (port side) under the bunk. Originally, it has been of unknown working quality, but we managed to get it started and working. The below document describes a few remaining challenges remaining with the installation and how we are tackling them. This is…

  • Departure from Long Beach

    An uphill travel

    The day finally came – all that was to be stowed away was stowed away, the systems tried and checked, all ready to go. Our hired captain (John) and the crew (Bones) flew in on Saturday 5/23 and together we wrapped up the last few things. The most important was the installation of the AIS system, to help us avoid…

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    Sorting the stuff out

    In May the COVID situation seemed to get reasonably under control for me to take some courage and fly down to LAX and stay on the boat. The flight was actually an interesting experience in itself – the airport was eerily empty, no travelers, minimal staff, no lines, everything closed, yet the planes flying. There were about 20 people on…